About Vatex Explorations LLC – Developer of the Divert-X System

Vatex Explorations LLC was founded to develop technology to combat the problem of prescription drug abuse and  trafficking.

The company’s origins are in the state of Virgina where drug abuse and trafficking is particularly widespread. One of the Vatex partners lived in Southwest Virginia during the early part of the epidemic and observed first-hand the human toll of medication addiction.

In addition to the direct impact to healthcare, the harm caused by prescription misuse and trafficking, such as the disruption of families and life-long rehabilitation costs, is enormous. This public tragedy is the driving reason for the development of the Divert-X System.


The two operational founders are:

Simon Sellers, PhD, MBASimon Sellers, PhD, MBA. Simon is the Vatex CEO providing business management and direction for the company. Simon has 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical chemical and biotech industries. His expertise includes business strategy, corporate development and new-technology introductions.

James Harris, PhD.James Harris, PhD. Jim is the Vatex CSO and inventor of the Divert-X concept. He is a former FDA-staffer and in addition has extensive experience in early-stage biotech and clinical analysis companies. Jim has more than fifty issued patents and is an IP and regulatory expert with a passion for analyzing and resolving large healthcare problems.

Jim and Simon have prior experience together creating and managing lean, capital-efficient organizations. Vatex is raising capital to complete Divert-X product development and to conduct evaluations of the impact of the system in reducing prescription drug abuse.

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